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Bonfire Night – Don’t let the smoke Cloud your judgement


Bonfire Night also known as Guy Fawkes Night is a time of celebration on the 5th of November. The reason why we celebrate this is because it is the anniversary of an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a man called Guy Fawkes. The group that Guy led was called the Gunpowder Plot and bonfires are lit to represent the attempted treason by Guy Fawkes.




However you may be wondering what smoke and Cloud has to do with this article. Aside from the smoke cloud we may all experience throughout this week from Bonfire celebrations, In actual fact I want to talk about the Cloud that is taking shape around our personal and business lives.

Cloud often brings a Marmite like labelling in that most people either tend to love it or hate it, however with us all using it so often, perhaps we are not even realising how much of our daily life utilises Cloud technology.

For instance checking many services on our smartphones through either apps or even email and the Cloud based storage facilities includes direct access to the Cloud.

The benefits are not restricted to personal lives however as in the Business environment it can be incredibly useful to remove the barriers of having to work from the office. Data can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection. We saw a break down in the traditional 9-5 working day with flexi-time and we are starting to see a similar trend with the home working aspect on offer with the Cloud.

There are also many differences to a Public and Private Cloud.

At Oakley Cloud we use a Private Cloud facility for all our Sage hosting solutions to enable access to your data through an encrypted RDP connection.

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As Bonfire Night gets underway, don’t let the smoke cloud your judgement.

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