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Cloud Computing and Financial Services: Which side of the coin for you?

According to ITProPortal, a 2015 study by NaviSite found 50 percent of financial services based businesses in the UK have migrated between 25-50% of IT Infrastructure to the cloud.

Behind the move to the cloud for financial services businesses is the introduction of better encryption and security processes behind cloud technology.

Cloud Financial Services

Financial Services is one of the most heavily regulated industries and despite some initial security concerns over the cloud, the benefits are being realised and adoption rates are rising. Being reliant on a number of mission critical systems some of which are likely to be legacy systems, it is vital to find the right balance between cloud and on premise for your business.

Reasons for moving applications to the cloud

  • The high cost – maintaining applications can take up a huge chunk of IT budgets especially when they require different environments to run the applications in
  • Accessibility and availability – businesses need applications to be accessible from anywhere and anytime
  • Internal support – it is becoming increasingly difficult for staff to support applications
  • Flexibility and scalability – businesses need to be able to adapt quickly to keep up with customer demands which will ultimately impact its business growth
  • Agility, reach and deployment – Transactions in the financial sector are time sensitive and, if delayed, can mean the difference between monetary gain and monetary loss. Agility, reach and time to deployment are therefore key motivators for the adoption of cloud services.

While not all applications and business processes are likely to be moved the cloud it is about finding which solutions can better serve your business via the cloud and which  are better being kept under your control on premise.

At Oakley Cloud we tend to find we also see around a 50/50 split between financial services businesses opting to use our Private Cloud for us to host their Sage Accounting Software and CRM systems and those that opt for us to install their systems on their own servers.

Being a Strategic Sage Business Partner we are geared up to provide the freedom and flexibility from an implementation perspective to our accounting software solutions and as such our commitment remains the same whichever route you decide to take. Find out more about our Private Cloud for Sage 200, Sage 300 and Sage CRM here.

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Bonfire Night – Don’t let the smoke Cloud your judgement


Bonfire Night also known as Guy Fawkes Night is a time of celebration on the 5th of November. The reason why we celebrate this is because it is the anniversary of an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a man called Guy Fawkes. The group that Guy led was called the Gunpowder Plot and bonfires are lit to represent the attempted treason by Guy Fawkes.




However you may be wondering what smoke and Cloud has to do with this article. Aside from the smoke cloud we may all experience throughout this week from Bonfire celebrations, In actual fact I want to talk about the Cloud that is taking shape around our personal and business lives.

Cloud often brings a Marmite like labelling in that most people either tend to love it or hate it, however with us all using it so often, perhaps we are not even realising how much of our daily life utilises Cloud technology.

For instance checking many services on our smartphones through either apps or even email and the Cloud based storage facilities includes direct access to the Cloud.

The benefits are not restricted to personal lives however as in the Business environment it can be incredibly useful to remove the barriers of having to work from the office. Data can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world with an internet connection. We saw a break down in the traditional 9-5 working day with flexi-time and we are starting to see a similar trend with the home working aspect on offer with the Cloud.

There are also many differences to a Public and Private Cloud.

At Oakley Cloud we use a Private Cloud facility for all our Sage hosting solutions to enable access to your data through an encrypted RDP connection.

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As Bonfire Night gets underway, don’t let the smoke cloud your judgement.

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The Cloud? Not for me. Then I discover Cloud Accounting access across the globe


What is the cloud? Is it really for me and my business? How much is the cloud? Does the cloud do what it says on the tin? When it comes to the cloud, perhaps the following sound familiar?

1) Downtime – As the cloud is internet based, this means that all your access is relying on internet connection and if that internet connection is poor then you have no access to your data on the cloud. It could be very costly for you if that happens because that might be the only backup. Also the cloud servers themselves could fail or shut down and it’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, there could be thousands of reasons why it failed.

2) Costs – Just the word ‘cloud’ may sound expensive and it instantly makes you think as a business; are you running up costs? But in actual fact the cloud can be cheaper in the short term for the business. In the long term, you just end up paying more and more through monthly payments on a solution you do not traditionally own.

3) Security – Businesses should carefully weigh all of the risk scenarios that could happen when using the cloud. As you know recently there have been photos, videos and all kinds of weird and wonderful roaming and floating around on the internet due to security and privacy breach. Ask yourself ‘how much can you trust your cloud provider?’
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Spectre and the Cloud – merging old ways with new ideas


With Spectre set to hit the cinemas later on this month, publicity surrounding the latest film is heating up. We have had the track by Sam Smith Writings on the Wall released to a very mixed reception, with some labelling it brilliant and others calling it too ordinary and safe.

Personally I like the way it has the Bond orchestral elements and think it provides the right balance between old and new. It would not be right to alienate the historical bond themes, but also it is not right to get into the mindset “but we have always done it this way”.

I begin to think that the Bond franchise is earning a reputation not unlike the term Cloud, with some amazed by the possibilities and others reluctant to accept and adapt to the new world. Not unlike those that still live in the past by not wanting to look beyond Sean Connery’s version of Bond himself.

To avoid too much of a plot spoiler with the upcoming film for those of you eagerly anticipating it I wont go into the thick of the plot, Instead I want to bring in 3 talking points from the Bond franchise that have a bearing on our business and in particular the adoption of the Cloud.

1.  The technology has changed so too have the films

Bond has had to redefine the way it operates; if we look through the history of the films technology has always played an active role. However the downside of the technological advances have essentially downplayed the makings of the man in Bond. Need I mention the ridiculous amounts of technology overload on display through Pierce Brosnan’s era? Skyfall had to attempt to restore the status quo and go back to basics. I enjoyed the line by the new Q when he quips “Were you expecting an exploding pen?” Q teases Bond. “We don’t really go in for that sort of thing anymore.”

One cannot forget how Bond is back to basics and this struck a chord with those wanting to accept Bond has to move on and also accepting that it cannot afford to lose traditional values. Not unlike considering an adoption of the Cloud. How will this affect the processes you currently carry out?

Bond Technology - Skyfall

Source: The Mirror

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Reasons to choose Oakley Cloud for Sage Hosting


Why choose Oakley Private Cloud for your Sage Hosting needs?

You have now made the decision that hosting your ERP solution is the route to go. It’s not easy selecting the right ERP solution Provider. However it is critical to work out exactly what you need from your hosting partner, so they can not only match but also exceed your expectations. Here is a list of areas to help you determine what you should be looking for. Continue reading

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Moving to the Cloud: up in the air?

Cloud ERP SoftwareThere are many definitions on the internet that inform you of what the cloud does and how it operates but the more in depth the definition may be; the more of an insight into the cloud we gain. The cloud essentially is a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data.

Of course research will need to be done when looking at different cloud servers; therefore you will want to know the pros and cons of the cloud. The following list provides a starter point to consider when it comes to the cloud. Continue reading

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5 Tips for the Insiders Guide to the Cloud


With the cloud movement well underway and an established force in both the consumer and business side of operations, it is surprising the number of people still unsure of what exactly the cloud means and how it can affect their business.

Top 5 tips to the Sage ERP cloud

The following 5 insider tips to the cloud are created from an accounting software and CRM perspective. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all you must know when it comes to the cloud but more 5 starter points to consider. Continue reading

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I love it when a backup plan comes together!


With the move from paper to electronic storage of documentation over the last couple of decades, it is often surprising how data backup and disaster recovery is still largely overlooked by SME’s; especially with modern ERP solutions moving online.

Backup Plan with the Cloud for Sage ERP

We all have vital information we simply cannot do without whether this is an invoice, expenses sheet, through to the core reporting financial data that is the heart of your organisation.

When you consider that— 80 percent of businesses suffering a major disaster go out of business in three years, while 40 percent of businesses that experience a critical IT failure go out of business within one year.1 Continue reading

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